No fuel for life : a teasing campaign

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It’s a teasing campaign which has been launched this summer by Diesel in order to promote the new fragrance « Fuel for life ». People didn’t know against what the « no legalization » was about.So during last summer, on the Internet, we could find a lot of comments about that : what is the product?Who is behind this campaign?

With this campaign, the brand mix topics.Remember: the provoc anti-one way of thinking with Global Warming Ready (Spring Summer 2007), the promotion of abstinence with Staying Young Forever (Autumn Winter 2001) and demonstrations cans with Action! (Autumn Winter 2002).

I find this very artistic and interesting. I find this campaign very original, a few provocative but efficient. You can find a website, posters, videos…


The Campaign

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This posters and this video are some examples of the « Fuel for life campaign ». If you want to go on the website of Diesel :

Now look at the « No fuel for life campaign ».What is that?

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Fuel For Life Ad.jpgRoxanne

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I thought when I saw this ad that Diesel only wanted to put forward a sexy and muscular boy.But if we analyse this ad, we can imagine that the man enjoys being in the rain.Why?the rain symbolizes the Diesel fragrance.
Because he can have the coolness of the fragrance and he wants to have the drops of this trendy fragrance.

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As you can see on the video, Diesel wanted to show a handsome and fashionable man. This perfumer wants to give a young and trendy image.

Why do you think the man is bare-chested?Do you think there is a link with a perfume?

Fragances by DIESEL

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After jeans, underwear, accessories, shoes, ….  Now

the fragances by diesel !!!

Welcome everyone!!!

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This is my blog and I will intent to explain you which are the strategies used by the perfumers…